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The Best Burgers and Dogs in Connecticut


Danny's Drive In

sits on a corner of land on the Stratford side of the drawbridge separating Stratford from Milford across the Housatonic River, has been prime real estate since George Washington - yes, that one - ordered a bridge be built there during his inspection tour of the new United States. Ever since, each successive bridge has borne his name. Danny's was originally a three-season hamburger stand with a flip-up facade until another president, Dwight Eisenhower this time, ordered the construction of an interstate highway system in the U.S. The operation moved out of the way of the forthcoming I-95, and opened the current building in 1952, where it rode the cresting wave of the boom years all the way to today.

Danny Smith opened Danny's Drive-In in 1935 and the stand has been steadily cooking burgers, hot dogs, and now much more for over eight decades.

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The Best Hot Dog in Connecticut

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